I was looking at a post from Cochrane Canada on Facebook relating to a free answer they’re making available from the Cochrane Clinical Answers.  The question they were supplying an answer to was “In people with people with epilepsy and depression, how do antidepressants affect outcomes?”.

So, I thought I’d see how the Trip Answer Engine answered it (our still under development project).  There is still work to do on the algorithm and currently it’s on a standalone site – so it looks poor.  But the functionality is there.  So, to answer the question we went to the test interface:

We then press search and the result comes back:

So, how does this compare to the real answer:

Call me biased but our answer appears pretty good.

A massive advantage of our system is that it’ll always be as up to date as the published literature (it generates answers from the literature in Trip) and will answer loads more questions than any other resource – when we launch we’ll probably be able to answer 100,000+ questions.