The following guest blog has been provided by our friends at Quertle.  Like Trip, Quertle is a small independent organization.  To help us both thrive and stay independent we are exploring ways to support each other and highlighting each other’s products seems like a nice first step!  So, on with the guest blog….

When you need to find evidence-based information, you know Trip is the tool of choice.  But, there are many times when you need broader information.

Like most people, you probably have been frustrated by PubMed, Google Scholar, and even the expensive paid search engines.  That is because traditional search engines work to find anything that might possibly be relevant, leaving it to you to weed through long lists of results to find what you need.  How many times have you looked past page 1 or 2 of the results?  Instead you start narrowing down your search to get more relevant results.  As a consequence, more often than not, you end up eliminating some of the most critical documents you were looking for.  In fact, up to 30% of R&D budgets are wasted on rediscovering existing information.

Fortunately, there is now a quantum leap in search technologyQuetzal® Search and Communication is powered by Quantum Logic Linguistics™.  “Sure,” you say, while rolling your eyes, “another search engine.” But, just watch this short video clip to see just one example of how different search can, and should, be.  Then, just imagine:

  • Being able to answer questions (such as what genes are relevant to diabetes), seeing the papers, and having a list of those genes;
  • Finding relevant documents not only from PubMed, but also NIH Grants, Toxline, AHRQ Treatment Protocols, Patent Grants and Applications, and much more, including full-text searching;
  • Having free access to over 10 million PDFs with a single click;
  • and much more.

Interested? Try Quetzal or contact Quertle for more information. Quetzal is available via subscription, or as a custom deployment within your organization.  And, for being a fan of Trip, please use Coupon Code 6Cwy4ZW&c-3-1 when you register for Quetzal Advanced (monthly subscription) to receive one free month of access.