It’s always an exciting time when we release the new site and this time is no different.  In fact, I tend to get more excited, as the site gets better and better.  So, what’s new?

A beautiful new design which has been based on a in-depth analysis of user activity on the site.  So, similar functions are better grouped together.

Three new extra languages supported in Trip.  These allow users to search in their own language and see results in their own language.  Feedback has clearly demonstrated that query formulation is the hardest translational activity for non-native English speakers.  The ability to search in your own language is a real boost.  The new languages are Spanish, Hungarian and Swedish.  These sit alongside French, German and Czech.  This language support has been made possible by our inclusion in the EU-funded, Horizon 2020, KConnect project.

We’ve also added two new categories of results:

  • Regulatory guidance which includes NICE, IQWiG, SMC and new content to Trip – FDA and EMA drug evaluations.
  • Ongoing systematic review, via PROSPERO.

We have also created a filter for articles on Overdiagnosis.  Once you’ve searched you just click the button and we return documents on overdiagnosis and overtreatment.

We have noticed, from our analysis of site usage, that the ability to refine initial search results by clinical area is really popular.  So, we’ve promoted it to make it more prominent.  It’s another way to refine your results so it now sits alongside ‘refine by evidence type’.

Other highlights include:

  • Renaming of ‘Trip Premium’ to ‘Trip Pro’
  • Simplified the functionality around each article e.g. tweet this, starring etc.
  • Functions such as search history, login are all consistent and grouped together.
  • A further simplification has been the different evidence types.  This has meant that patient information is now included in the main search leaving the ‘Pro’ content of Videos and Images available from just above the search results.
  • Creation of an explorer function (again located at the top of the search results) which was previously called the search safety net.  At the time of typing this is still being copied over to the new site so won’t be live till later today/tomorrow!

Finally, mobile is increasingly important way of users accessing Trip and as part of the redesign we have significantly enhanced our mobile offering.