Trip’s primary aim is to answer the clinical questions of health professionals.  We’re pretty good, answering over 70% of them.  But what about the remaining 30%?

If you don’t know the answer to a question it’s hard, but if you know the answer it’s easy – it stands to reason.  So, what if Trip allowed users to ask questions they have not been able to answer and forward them to people we think may be able to answer it?

So, a general/family practitioner may have a question on heart failure.  We could allow the user to record their question and we would forward it to people on Trip with an interest in cardiology/heart failure.  One imagines, if the user knows the answer, it’ll only take a short amount of time to post a reply.

The above all makes sense but relies on Trip users sharing their knowledge.  So, an open question – would you? Please let us know via the ‘Sharing Knowledge’ poll below!