We’re really excited by the release of the latest upgrade to the Trip Database.  There are a number of major upgrades to the site:

The Answer Engine: delivers answers to your clinical questions, quickly, with a single click!  For more information see this post for more details.



SmartSearch: an amazingly useful system to help speed up your search and to help users avoid missing important documents.  More information can be seen here.



Search suggestions: a pre-existing system that has been integrated much more intimately with your search experience.  Now appearing mid-way down the page; designed to prompt users to use it if the initial results aren’t focused enough.



Broken links: broken links are problematic for any search system.  We have an automated system which works reasonably well, but not perfectly.  Our new manual system should allow users to easily let us know if one of our links to a dead end!  Take our your frustration by clicking the link!



Other improvements: there are a number of other, minor changes:

  • We have improved the display and integration of the automatic assessment of bias via the RobotReviewer system.  For details of this automated system see this article.
  • We have tidied up the top of the results making it all much cleaner.