We’ve just rolled out a broad range of upgrades to the site:

Latest and greatest – for a given topic you can now easily view the very latest for a topic as well as those most frequently visited (within the last 12 months).

Tour – to help make it easier to orientate yourself to the site, available via the top navigation bar:

How to use Trip is now clearer and easier to use.

Top of the results has been tidied up with the images and videos being moved to the ‘refine’ area of the results page (on right-hand side).

Sort by popularity is now possible via the following drop-down:

Differences between free and Pro more clearly laid out – click here to view.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) to make it easier for users to find our content via Google and other search engines.

Trip Answers, our repository of clinical Q&As has been refreshed to make it more user friendly.