As we find issues with our automated review system we’ll post them here. Keep them coming, we need the feedback!

  • NEWAutosynthesis – an example of the significant challenges ahead?, a new, challenging (for us) blog post, some more real world examples. But actually quite positive in the end.
  • NEW: Automated reviews – explaining some issues using real examples, a blog post highlighting some real world examples of problems, the causes and possible solutions!
  • As noted above none of the automated systems are 100% accurate, although most are around 90% accurate.
  • Sometime incorrect articles are added to the wrong ‘blob’.
  • Sometime our system has not correctly assigned a sample size.
  • Our system is biased towards drug therapies, so certain interventions are ignored for now.
  • The y-axis is labelled likelihood of effectiveness. This is speculative and has not been validated!  It should, perhaps be positivity of evidence