This post is to help National Guideline Clearinghouse (NGC) users navigate Trip to find the guidelines they need.

Firstly, Trip links to over 3,500 guidelines from the USA (and over 10,000 guidelines in total).  The NGC used to provide summaries to less than half this amount (for a variety of reasons). But Trip is much more than guidelines, we includes a broad range of resources arranged around the evidence hierarchy – as you use Trip you’ll come to appreciate this.

Another thing to consider is Trip’s a very small organisation with a budget a fraction of the NGC and therefore we are not able to mimic all of the sophisticated search refinements of NGC’s.  We are funded via a freemium business model (to understand the differences see the chart here).  Note the guidelines are provided for free but please consider subscribing to help support our efforts (individual and organisational subscriptions are available).

Anyway enough preamble, to search for guidelines navigate to Trip and you’ll see this screen:

I suspect it’s superfluous but I’ve added a big arrow showing where you add the search terms.  Once you’ve searched you go to the results page:

This is the results for all our content so you may want to refine the search for guidelines or USA guidelines, this is easy:

The refine feature is on the right-hand side of the results page. This allows you to refine results by any evidence type, but the two highlighted are for all guidelines and USA guidelines.  If you click on the USA guidelines the results are restricted to just those:



You can further refine by year (see towards the bottom of the refine area on the results page).  Trip Pro also allows advanced search and refine by clinical area.

For further information on using Trip we have produced a selection of ‘how to’ videos and you may find the ‘Tour’ interesting:

Any further questions, just send them my way: