We started Trip due to our work on clinical question answering.  We set up a number of responsive services whereby a health professional/manager could ask us a question and we would answer it using the best available evidence. We worked to clinical time frames (days, sometimes hours) and as such these were not systematic reviews. However, these were likely better than a busy health professional, with limited evidence skills, could achieve given their busy schedules.

Trip, and the main staff involved, have answered over 10,000 clinical questions.  These have been mainly for health professionals but we also have experience of answering questions for other sectors such as commissioners and policy makers.

All staff involved love this work and as the quotation goes “Find something you love to do and you’ll never have to work a day in your life“. It is therefore natural, and long overdue, that we are getting back in to this work.

The actual Trip Database continues to be driven by a desire to support clinical question answering but recognise that sometimes this is not enough. Search is fine but sometimes people require something more formal.  We’re not proposing to undertaken systematic reviews, there are other out there for that. Our offering is aimed at ad hoc evidence needs, covering areas such as:

  • Background work needed at the start of a project or before committing to it – has similar work been done before? If so, is this work needed or can you learn from the previous work?
  • A second opinion – have you seen a review and are not sure if you can trust the findings?
  • A general overview of a particular topic – have you been asked to look at a clinical area and need an overview to help you orientate you as to the state of play regarding the latest evidence and guidance?
  • A clinical Q&A – do you have a clinical question and need a rapid answer?

In fact, if you have any evidence need, let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

We have huge experience in this area, cutting edge evidence systems and a pragmatism that can see trusted answers delivered rapidly and cost-effectively. If you’re interested then get in touch via this link, even for an informal discussion.