We’re currently lovely and busy and working on the following:

  • Evidence Maps. I’m very close to finishing the paper describing our evidence maps. I don’t write many papers so no idea if it’ll get published – hopefully the skills of my co-authors will see it get accepted!
  • MeSH. We’re currently working to add MeSH to Trip. Grabbing the MeSH terms from the articles we grab from PubMed is really easy, auto-annotating non-PubMed articles is more of a challenge – but we think it’s in hand!
  • Algorithm – Search is at the heart of Trip and we’re working with a specialist third-party search company to improve our search results. This could/should be massively important.
  • App – We’re making very good progress on developing our first mobile app.

A lot of work which will hopefully all be finished by the end of the year