On the Rapid-Reviews blog I highlighted the decision to create the Trip Rapid Review System (TRRS).  It got me thinking that it’s both about RRs and Trip – hence me mirroring this new post below. I suspect there are different audiences for each blog!

In thinking about the TRRS I see it being a multi-step process supported, where possible, with technology to automate the process as much as possible.  The steps are as follows:

  • Question setting/clarification, including the extraction of search terms.
  • Search and document selection, including various techniques to unearth articles that may have been missed.
  • Data extraction to produce an evidence table.
  • Narrative review including a conclusion or clinical bottom line (to be decided).
  • Review finalisation. All the above parts pulled together to produce an easy to read rapid review.
  • Publication and peer review.

Over time I will expand on each step, highlighting how it could work. It’s good for me to do as I need to think through all the issues and it gives readers the opportunity to give feedback.