One of Trip’s strengths is its amazing coverage of content. This ranges from secondary evidence such as systematic review and guidelines through to primary research (ie journal articles) and on to eTextbooks – with much in between.

One of these other areas, which gets relatively little attention, is ongoing clinical trials and ongoing systematic reviews

Ongoing systematic reviews: We include all the ongoing systematic reviews included in PROSPERO; at the time of writing that was over 40,000 reviews.

Ongoing clinical trials: We link to all the trials in; at the time of writing that was nearly 300,000 separate trials. NOTE: this is a ‘Pro’ only feature.

These can be specifically looked for via the Trip filtering system on the right-hand side of the results page:

Do your search and click on the link of interest – it really is that simple!

One really important thing to consider, which was highlighted in this NEJM article is:

As of October 2016, contained more than 227,000 records, and nearly 23,000 of those records had posted results entries; we estimate that results are published in the literature for only half those trials.

If you’re interested in a broad coverage of the literature the content on includes unpublished data. Find it easily via Trip.