After an enormous amount of work and testing we have released the new site in beta mode! Given the huge rewrite of code and irrespective of all the testing, we felt it was a big risk to simply replace the current/old site with the new one. So, for a short period of time they’ll run in parallel with a link from the top of the current/old site:

Alternatively you can simply go directly to the new site here:

This takes you to the homepage (this one being for Pro subscribers, free users get a green colour scheme):

And here is the Pro results page:

Where to start with the changes?

Possibly the biggest change has been the shift of the filter by evidence type from the right to the left of the results page. I was remarkably attached to the old way, but our designer convinced me of the shift.

Other than that the design has been cleaned up and there are some new icons:

Lots of other things to explore and click on (for instance the coloured ‘lozenges’ highlighting the evidence type – go on, click on one of them).

So, please go and try it now (via and let us know what you think via our feedback form. We’ve already received some feedback and they’re being worked on, thankfully most of them appear to be minor. Alternatively contact me directly:, it’s always great to hear from you!