We’ve been working on this for a while (eg Grading guidelines, an update). Well the grading has continued and we’ve now graded over 250 guideline producers covering the vast majority of the guideline we cover.

The grading is a score from 0-8, with 8 being the highest score (click here for an explanation of the scoring system) and the distribution is as follows:

Y-axis is the score while the X-axis is the number of producers scoring that particular score. So, around 50 producers score the maximum 8!

Nearly 50% score 7 or 8, which is encouraging. Lots also score 0 and this likely reflects the inaccessibility of methods for us to score. Their guideline might be great (seems unlikely) but if a user can’t see the methods how can they assess the ‘worth’ of the guideline?

Once we get the new site properly launched we can move on to introducing this 🙂