Just under a month ago we posted a list of four potential improvements to the site (click here for details), alongside an option for user to vote on which they’d like to see. The results so far are as follows:

I’m interpreting this as a clear vote for the first idea (improved search) and then the next two are roughly tied. So, how will this translate in to action? Here’s the plan:
  • Improved search: We have asked a tech/data team to come up with options for improving the sensitivity/specificity of the search. From there we will aim to implement the changes ASAP.
  • Search support: We’re really excited to see this do so well. We need to have a planning session to explore what this might look like, this will require our techie and design teams to come together. This is likely to be after we’ve rolled out the improved search.
  • Quality scoring: We have already done all of the background work on the guideline quality scoring and we can roll this out when we get developer capacity. After that we have already completed a quality scoring method for systematic reviews, we just need to spend some time verifying that.

All very ambiguous with the dates – as we still have the indexing to finish (see What next? for further details) but while we wait for developer time we’re working hard in the background to bring these to you as quickly as possible.