It’s been just over ten days since the new site went live. It has been remarkably smooth. There are a small number of issues but the site appears stable and there have been no critical issues. So, we now look to the future and this is a brief update on that.

Firstly, we have a list of around ten issues that need fixing. These have been prioritised and we’ll work through those as quickly as we can. Only a few of these I’d class as significant.

Secondly, we need to work on the indexing! Trip has three main parts:

  • The actual search component – the Trip brain, this is working wonderfully and is very modern (so, no updating needed)!
  • The interface – this is how people interact with the site. It’s the design, the interactive bits etc. It’s what we’ve spent the last 12 months re-writing.
  • Indexing – the search component needs to search content. This involves:
    • Publications being added, either manually or automatically. This is minimal information such as the title of the document, the URL and publication date.
    • Spidering – we send a spider (AKA webcrawler or a bot) to the URL and grab the content.
    • Processing – our system adds the content to the search component but also does a number of other bits and bobs e.g. tagging the articles by clinical content

Our indexing system is as old as the interface was (some bits being nearly twenty years old) so we’re completely rewriting this to make it better (quicker, cheaper etc).

Thirdly, planning the next upgrades to the site. We’ve got a few projects that are coming close to delivery e.g. guideline grading. However, there are some significant projects we’re thinking about and we need to decide which ones to take forward and for that we need to engage with our users. In the past we’ve relied on web-surveys and these have been really helpful. However, for this next step we’d like to have a more engaged process – one where we can have more of a two-way dialogue. To that end we’re interested in setting up a series of online small group calls. We’d briefly discuss our ideas and then engage with the group to unpick our ideas, what sounds good, what sounds bad and how we might implement these ideas. If you’re interested in taking part (one hour session) please let us know via