We have just uploaded the latest – manual – upgrade of content to Trip. Trip has two main wats of importing new content:

  • Automatically
  • Manually

Automatically is the easiest and many sites we use have systems to help support our capture of content, mainly via things called APIs. This accounts for around 80-90% of all our content.

Manually is, unsurprisingly, manual and requires us to visit every site – on a monthly basis – to look for new content. This process has been going on since we launched, nearly 25 years ago and we’ve never missed a single month. However, the task has grown considerably and we now visit around 500 sites every month. This has increased dramatically over the years, when we launched we included less than 25 sites. Manual updating takes a week, when before it could be done in less than a day.

This month we added 580 new articles from a large number of global sites, including:

  • WHO
  • NICE (UK)
  • Prescrire (France)
  • ACOG (USA)
  • Public Health Ontario (Canada)
  • RCOG (UK)
  • SBU (Sweden)
  • Public Health Wales (Wales)
  • Agency for Care Effectiveness (Singapore)
  • EMA (Europe)
  • Scottish Medicines Consortium (Scotland)
  • FDA (USA)
  • Canadian Paediatric Society (Canada)
  • James Lind Alliance (UK)
  • National Health Care Institute (Netherlands)
  • Norwegian Institute of Public Health (Norway)
  • Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy (Australia and NZ)

The earliest monthly upload I can find is from June 2009 and it’s interesting to see how many of the publishers have fallen by the wayside e.g. Centre for Reviews and Dissemination , NHS EED, Health Protection Agency, NHS Purchasing and Supply Agency, PedsCCM (Note, many are still actually in existence, they’re just not producing the content they used to)!

3-4 weeks off – doing other essential Trip work – till we start the process again. As long as new content is published, we’ll be grabbing it.