Earlier today I heard on the radio about two British surgeons running online training on military surgical techniques for surgeons/doctors in Ukraine. As Trip is a global repository of some of the best evidence available we thought it might be beneficial to try to bring together some of the best ‘combat’ evidence. To that end we have started work on a search filter. This is our starting list:

  • (shrapnel AND (wound OR injury))
  • military
  • soldier
  • (post-traumatic stress disorder AND (soldier or military))
  • (bomb AND injuries)
  • (bullet AND (wound OR injury))
  • (bomb AND (wound OR injury))

These translates to this search string, which is 20,000 results. If you restrict to ‘evidence based’ content (this search string) it drops to a more manageable 2,000 results. However, this is still too many so it possibly requires more filtering. For instance:

Can you help us improve our offering? I guess this comes in two parts (1) improve the filter to locate more military-related articles, and (2) suggestions for pre-formulated searches (such as the surgery or shrapnel searches above)

Any suggestions please send them to jon.brassey@tripdatabase.com

UPDATE (15:26 on 06/03/2022)

Thanks to Becky I’ve added some additional terms:

  • “armed forces”
  • warfare
  • army
  • navy
  • airforce

This finds extra articles, unfiltered it’s now just over 28,000 results, and just over 2,600 higher quality articles.

UPDATE (11:52 on 07/03/2022)

Thanks to Lina we’ve identified a number of new terms:

  • gunshot
  • firearm
  • blast
  • explosion

This now gives just over 44,000 results, and just over 3,500 for higher-quality content.

Update (14:01 on 07/03/2022)

Thank you to Igor and Tracy we’ve identified some other useful terms:

  • shelling
  • grenade
  • “land mine”
  • landmine
  • artillery

This now gives just over 50,000 total results with nearly 4,000 higher-quality results.