As part of Trip’s work with Ariadne Labs (helping to support the roll-out of Trip Pro across Africa) I ran an online webinar on using Trip. One question related to restricting content to African evidence. While we don’t support that, we do have a filter for LMIC (Low and Middle Income Countries) content. It can be found here on the results page:

The filter is simply looking for various terms in the documents and if they have one of them, it is tagged as being LMIC. Terms used are things such as ‘developing world’, ‘resource poor’, ‘lmic’ as well as the country names of those considered LMIC (by the World Bank).

There are two options:

  • Specific – if the document contains any of the filter terms in the title
  • Sensitive – if the document contains any of the filter terms anywhere in the document

Below is an example search

In the above image, the top 3 results are a standard search for measles, while below the red line shows the top 3 results for measles with the ‘LMIC specific’ filter applied.

It’s a simple system but works well and, pleasingly, the feedback was very positive.