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  1. Mega-Map on Child Well-being Interventions in LMIC’s (UNICEF)
  2. How FAST Can You Spot a Pneumothorax? Breaking Down a Surprising Result Comparing Ultrasound and Chest Radiograph in Traumatic Pneumothorax (Annals of Emergency Medicine Journal Club)
  3. Compulsory licensing for expensive medicines (KCE – Belgian Health Care Knowledge Centre)
  4. British Society of Gastroenterology guidelines on the management of functional dyspepsia (British Society of Gastroenterology)
  5. Online interventions for reducing hate speech and cyberhate: A systematic review (Campbell Collaboration)
  6. What is the role of positron emission tomography (PET) in the clinical management of patients with cancer, sarcoidosis, epilepsy, or dementia (Cancer Care Ontario)
  7. Telehealth for Women’s Preventive Services (AHRQ)
  8. Nonopioid Pharmacologic Treatments for Chronic Pain (AHRQ)
  9. Monkeypox multi-country outbreak – first update (European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control)
  10. Progressive Pulmonary Fibrosis (James Lind Alliance Priority Setting Partnership)
  11. What are the biggest gaps in evidence about the impacts of climate change on population health in Canada, and adaptation and mitigation strategies that are applicable to Canada? (McMaster Health Forum)
  12. Multiple sclerosis in adults: management (NICEP
  13. Monkeypox (NHS England)
  14. Was the NHS overwhelmed last winter? (Nuffield Trust)
  15. Multi-Jurisdictional Monkeypox Outbreak 2022 – What We Know So Far (Public Health Ontario)
  16. The effectiveness of comprehensive health assessments for people with disability (Sax Institute)
  17. Predicting pain outcomes in primary care (SBU)
  18. Physical activity is medicine: Prescribe it (Therapeutics Initiative)
  19. Vitamin, Mineral, and Multivitamin Supplementation to Prevent Cardiovascular Disease and Cancer: Preventive Medication (U.S. Preventive Services Task Force)
  20. WHO guideline on self-care interventions for health and well-being, 2022 revision: executive summary (WHO)

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