After a prolonged battle we have finally sorted out our email system (switching to AWS). A major problem was that, while over 150k have registered for Trip, many of these are over ten years old and therefore likely to have changed. So, we needed a very intensive effort to weed these defunct ones out. So, now that’s done we can look forward to what’s next. The two immediate bigger jobs we’ll tackle are:

De-duplication: This is part of our commitment to improving the quality of Trip (as opposed to new functionality). We’re aware of a small, but significant, number of duplicate links, for instance:

As you’ll see, results 11 and 13 are the same article. This is hopefully an easy fix as we need to make better use of DOIs in the de-duplication process.

Guidelines: As we know, not all guidelines are great and we’ve been talking about this project for over three years (see original posts Dec 2019 and Jan 2020). Well, we’re hoping to finally start work shortly on this. As well as assigning a quality score for guideline publishers we will also be creating a new category for European guidelines. We are also discussing removing the country filters for free users….!

After that, the next big piece of work is improving our advanced search – in consultation most people favour Ovid’s approach to advanced search. While we don’t use MeSH we can still learn lessons from their approach. But this is in the medium term, so watch this space!