Many of you will have seen the hype around ChatGPT and other Large Language Models (LLM). ChatGPT uses artificial intelligence (AI) to generate an answer to various prompts (such as questions) and the answer appears written by humans and in real-time. After a huge amount of initial hype the hype has died down a bit, in part due to a number of issues were raised, mainly related to quality.

Irrespective of the problems we’re keen to have a play with this technology and as such we’re exploring using one such LLM called BioMedLM, a model specifically trained on biomedical data (in theory making it more accurate). The idea being that a user can ask a natural-language question and get an AI generated answer. Applying the trained model to just Trip data (as opposed to all of PubMed) should be an interesting experiment. At the very least the answers are more likely to be based on higher quality content than PubMed alone.

We’re secured the funding to explore this and we’re just lining up the team to deliver. Being an optimist I’d like to think we can deliver on that and, if we do, we’ll be asking for volunteers to test it….!