We recently ran a survey via TRIP and one of the questions was:

“TRIP prides itself in being a great tool to allow health professionals to answer their own questions. If you use TRIP for this purpose would you be interested in adding the answers to your clinical questions to TRIP?”

We received the following results:

  • Yes – great idea (31%)
  • Probably – interesting idea (43%)
  • Maybe – not really sure it’ll work (20%)
  • No – it’ll never work (6%)

So, why the question and so what?

We answer a large number of questions (50+) and over the years we’ve answered more than 10,000 (of which 7,000+ are online). However, we answer a small proportion of the total healthcare questions answered. Most of the questions are answered by clinicians themselves. Wouldn’t it be good to create a framework to allow these Q&As to be shared? Also, TRIP is designed to help clinicians (and ourselves) answer clinical questions. So if a clinician answers a question using TRIP, it makes sense to share the fruits with other TRIP users.

There are numerous issues around quality. But now seems as good a time as ever to try and better gauge potential demand. Therefore, if you use TRIP to answer your own clinical questions AND would contemplate sharing these can you please let me know. Either via the ‘Contact us‘ form or via jon [@] tripdatabase.com