Here are a few recent Facebook posts (to see our full Facebook page click here).  Remember, the Facebook posts are typically small posts that are perhaps not ‘worthy’ of a blog post (but feel free to contradict me!)

  • The BNF is now live on the TRIP Database (February 12th)
  • Just about to add 300+ clinical guidelines from the Australian guidelines portal (February 15th)
  • Just added records from two sites aimed at undergraduate medical students: Almostadoctor & MediVids (February 17th)
  • Highlighted how good TILT was at highlighting significant new research (February 25th)
  • Work on updating the systematic review filter that auto-searches PubMed (February 28th)
  • Reported on the positive response to a training session I ran for a NHS organisation and offering to run more courses – just ask (March 2nd)
  • I’m looking to introduce OpenURL into TRIP and gradually understanding the issues/complexity (March 3rd)
  • Exploring hooking TRIP up to Google Translate (e.g. Spanish & Welsh) (March 7th)

We’ve been busy!