We’re building a TRIP app.  Initially it’ll be for the Apple iPhone and if that proves successful we’ll create a version for Android.  It’ll actually be multiple apps, but all following the same format – highlighting the latest content added to TRIP for a given area. 

We see there being two main types of app:

  • Clinical area – all the new content in areas such as cardiology, oncology etc.  They’ll be around 25 of these.
  • Individual clinical conditions – while we could produce unlimited, we’ll start with 20-30 of the biggest e.g. diabetes, asthma, hypertension.

Each month users will be alerted when the new content is available and will be able to select to see content based on our filtering system (e.g. systematic reviews, guidelines) and then simply scroll through the results.  Below is a screenshot from our prototype – and it’s great!

We’ll have to charge for this, but it’ll be suitably cheap!