The final results from the analysis are below.


  • Perfect – 59%
  • Not enough content – 16%
  • Too much content – 25%

How the site looks

  • I think it looks awful – 4%
  • Ok – 49%
  • Not bothered – 26%
  • Great – 21%

If you were required to login to TRIP to use it, how would you feel?

  • I’d stop using the site – 6%
  • I’m happy to do it, but make it easy – 53%
  • I’m happy to do so, as long as I get a better service – 25%
  • I’m not too keen on this idea – 16%

It’s interesting to note how similar the results are compared with our early analysis (based on 345 respondents), the above is based on 518 respondents.
So, the results are all out.  It now just requires a fair amount of reflection, which I’ll post on the blog at a later date.  I’ll then plan round two of the survey – which will be trying to really focus on the issues and how we can best meet them.