The survey closed last week and with 518 respondents it’s taking time to analyse them.  I’m now ready to post the results from the two questions ‘What’s poor/weak about TRIP?’ and ‘What would make you use TRIP more?’.  In our early analysis of 345 responses we combined these as there was significant overlap, and we’re doing so again.  As with the earlier analysis I’ll show results for 3 categories of users (doctors, information specialists, others).


  • Full text – making it easier to link to full text.
  • Weird results – sometimes finding strange articles in the results.
  • Design – main concern was clutter!
  • Emails – improve the design and increase the frequency.
  • Refine search – make it easier to refine the search results.

Information Specialists

  • Advanced search – improve the advanced search options
  • Transparency – how do we define the category filters, what sources are searched by TRIP, what synonyms do we use.
  • Full text – as above.
  • Refine search – as above.
  • Design – as above.


  • Emails – as above.
  • Refine search – as above.
  • Full text – as above.
  • Transparency – as above.
  • Other database – link to a greater number of external databases.


The following are results taken from all respondents, irrespective of background.  This time I’m displaying the top ten.

  • Full text
  • Transparency
  • Refine search
  • Advanced search
  • Emails
  • Weird results
  • Design
  • Save search – allow users to save their searches and send updates for new hits. NOTE: this already exists but it’s clearly not obvious.
  • Mobile friendly – possible create an app or a more dedicated mobile friendly site
  • Evidence slider – reinstate the evidence slider. 

I’m really pleased with the results.  There are loads of things for us to consider but none of them are particularly daunting.  I’ll reflect on these over the next few months as well as publishing the remaing results from the survey.

Thank you for taking part.