We had a huge number of searches for diabetes in 2015, far too many for us to analyse easily.  But, I wanted to explore the topic – it’s one of our most popular searches.

To keep things manageable I have analyses situations where a user has performed any search that contains the term diabetes and has then restricted the results to a specific clinical area, in this case cardiology, primary care and psychiatry.  The results are below.  It’s fascinating to see the differences between the images as it gives an insight – perhaps nothing more – into the intentions of users.  For instance:

  • In the psychiatry screenshot the term mellitus is much more prominent
  • In primary care they like the word management.
  • For cardiology, not surprisingly hypertension is prominent, but then so is children (more so than primary care) – which I find more surprising

Searches for diabetes and restricted to cardiology

Searches for diabetes and restricted to primary care

Searches for diabetes and restricted to psychiatry