We are hoping to get the latest upgrade out by the end of February.  There are a number of changes, including:

  • Homepage design has been changed radically and it looks lovely.
  • Results page has been tidied up and functional items grouped together.  This is not a radical change, more a subtle one.
  • We’ll be adding three new types of data: regulatory guidance, ongoing systematic reviews and overdiagnosis/overtreatment.
  • As part of the analysis of the way users used the site we are promoting the clinical areas feature (refining results by areas such as cardiology, primary care) to make it more usable.
  • Drug information. The main reason people use Trip is to answer clinical questions to help support clinical practice.  One thing that we don’t do is offer drug information support (e.g. dosage, contraindications, adverse events) but we will be doing with the new design.  It’ll help make Trip much more of a Point-of-Care tool.
  • Broken links improvement.  We have a really crude system for updating broken links, but by the end of February it’ll be much improved.  While we’ll not be able to guarantee no broken links, the issue will become less relevant over time!
  • Improved demarcation of free versus premium – currently premium members can find it difficult to know if they’ve actually got premium.  The new design should help with that!
  • We’re going to be re-naming ‘Trip Premium’ to ‘Trip Pro’!

Finally, we’re also working on an answer engine, a mythical feature I’ve been talking about for years.  We are making real strides in this direction.  While it won’t be ready for the end of February to be fully integrated in the site it might well appear in the ‘Labs’ section of the site – for people to try.