The autosynthesis project is an attempt to create automatic evidence reviews; automatically synthesising RCTs and systematic reviews.

We’re making great progress and the visualisations are stunning (see below). In fact the whole interface is amazing, allowing users to interact with the data (compared with the traditional, static, forest plot)!

NOTE: the underlying data is not accurate/calibrated but the point of sharing is purely to show how it’ll look.

Level One

This is the high level view – showing all the interventions for a given disease.  Each blob represents an individual intervention.  The horizontal axis represents likelihood of effectiveness and the vertical axis is a measure of bias for the evidence used.  Blob size is proportionate to the sample size – the bigger the blob the more trials/SRs.

Level Two

Click on a blob and it shows the constituent elements of the blob!  Different colours distinguish between RCTs and systematic reviews.  Again blob size is proportionate to sample size (for RCTs).

We’re hoping it’ll be available by February.