I was delighted to recently receive an email from a prominent EBMer who declared himself a fan of Trip! However, his email was more about a teaching session he ran on EBM sources of quick answers and the feedback from the students.

He said the more EBM focussed the more they liked Trip however for others Trip was less favoured. He suggested this was because they had an extra cognitive load (in short, more effort) in selecting the resource most likely to be useful to them. Other sources (the likes of UpToDate) tend to give one main result – so there’s a lack of choice, search and click. For Trip its:

  • Search
  • Look at results (hopefully not having to look at too many)
  • Click

While that extra step seems fairly minor, clearly the more time-pressured you are the more of a big deal this is.

This is really important and interesting feedback. One for Trip to reflect on but if you have any thoughts, please let me know.